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The Digital Examiner

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The Digital Examiner is the monthly publication of PROSTAID Calgary. It keeps you updated on all the latest news and information about prostate cancer.

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[-] 2018

Digital Examiner 231 December 2018
Issue: 231
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.73 MB
Includes: Happy Holidays, Congratulations Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed, Exercise medicine for the management of androgen deprivation therapy, pCODR Expert Review Committee (pERC) FINAL RECOMMENDATION Apalutamide (Erleada), What are bone metastases in prostate cancer?, and more!

Digital Examiner 230 November 2018
Issue: 230
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.91 MB
Includes: Dr. Jun Kawakami, Prostate Cancer Canada and the Movember Foundation announce $4 Million in research grants, IRONMAN Registry: A Global Landmark Trial in Advanced Prostate Cancer, Endocyte, Major trial finds that Radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer could extend lives of thousands of men, 3rd Annual Wine Festival Fundraiser “South America”, Congratulations Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed PROSTAID Calgary’s 2018 Pathfinder’s Award Recipient, and more!

Digital Examiner 229 October 2018
Issue: 229
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.62 MB
Includes: Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed is our 2018 Pathfinder Award Recipient, Prostate cancer breakthrough as new drug keeps men with previously 'untreatable' cases alive, New Data on Quality of Life with Apalutamide in Prostate Cancer, What are Some Causes of a High PSA?, 3rd Annual Wine Festival Fundraiser “South America”, Why attend a PROSTAID Calgary Support Group or General Meeting? and more!

Digital Examiner 228 September 2018
Issue: 228
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.74 MB
Includes: Break the Cycle of Silence, Dr. Carrie Scarff, Registered Audiologist, The cause of prostate cancer progression to incurable stage has likely been uncovered, A Less Invasive Route to Test for Prostate Cancer, New technique treats prostate cancer in just five radiotherapy sessions, 4th Annual Tailgate for PROSTAID Calgary, Wives, Partners and Caregivers Introduction to Qi Gong, and more!

Digital Examiner 227 August 2018
Issue: 227
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.05 MB
Includes: Calgary's community, Meals on Wheels, Wellspring Calgary, Turning away from conventional medicine can have a high cost, DNA spit Test for prostate cancer risk, Researchers plan national program to bring innovative prostate cancer treatment to Canada, 4th Annual Tailgate for Prostate Cancer Awareness, and more!

Digital Examiner 226 July 2018
Issue: 226
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.87 MB
Includes: New leadership at PROSTAID, Lori Styner and the difference made by Prostate Cancer Research, From the Desk of the now Past President Dave Lunn, Reporter’s cancer diagnosis inspires important conversation, End-of-Life Prostate Cancer-Related Complications Characterized, Sponsorship Opportunity for the 2018 PCRI Prostate Cancer Patient Conference, and more!

Digital Examiner 225 June 2018
Issue: 225
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.54 MB
Includes: Mike Dew with The TrueNTH Lifestyle Management initiative, Cancer deaths in U.S. decline again, but prostate cancer death rate creeping up, Prostate cancer research yields hope and disappointment, prostate cancer online study, Clinical Trials at the Prostate Cancer Centre, and more!

Digital Examiner 224 May 2018
Issue: 224
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.98 MB
Includes: Cancer Survivorship Symposium, Registration Form Inside, Panelist Bios for Ms. Brady Payne, Mr. David Khan, Mr. Greg Clark, Mr. Tany Yao, Political Session Overview, AGM, and more!

Digital Examiner 223 April 2018
Issue: 223
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.06 MB
Includes: Cancer Survivorship Symposium, Medical Cannabis 101, MRI-Targeted or Standard Biopsy for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Tumeric Tea Tasting at the Wives Partners and Caregivers Meeting, Prostate cancer symptoms: This nighttime habit could indicate you have the disease, Bladder Cancer Basics, and more!

Digital Examiner 222 March 2018
Issue: 222
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.18 MB
Includes: Cancer Survivorship Symposium, Healthy Sex after Prostate Cancer, Cognitive Impairment and Prostate Cancer, Health Canada Approves New Indication for Zytiga, What is Climacturia?, Meet the new Facilitator of the Wives, Partners and Caregivers Group, and more!

Digital Examiner 221 February 2018
Issue: 221
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.06 MB
Includes: Justin & Whitney's Run for Prostaid Calgary Fundraiser, Trevor Dreher and Kathleen S Davis, INTROSPPECT Study: Mindfulness may help couples recover intimacy after prostate cancer, Dietary fat and changes in fat metabolism may promote prostate cancer metastasis, Volunteer Call Out for World of Wheels, and more!

Digital Examiner 220 January 2018
Issue: 220
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.71 MB
Includes: Cancer Drug Pathways, An old drug for alcoholism finds new life as cancer treatment, Zebrafish lead Dalhousie researchers to important discoveries in Prostate Cancer, Research Activities at the Prostate Cancer Centre, Volunteer Opportunities Peer Support Group Facilitators, Recruiting New Board Members, and more!

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